Short Bio

San Francisco oil painter and printmaker working in an Impressionist style.


 I work in a realistic style that is strongly influenced by the  seasonal changes in color, mood and tone. A central focal point and a relatively flat picture plane used in my work helps me to transmit a feeling of quiet and calm. The foundation of my work lies in observing and simplifying the world and the things with in it.


Stephanie lives and works in San Francisco, California. Her studio is the top floor of a Victorian home in the Excelsior district. She shares this home with her artist/woodworker husband and two cats. She was born and raised in Connecticut. After competing school she traveled in Europe and North Africa. Stephanie used this opportunity to attend art classes and study the artists in international collections. She has lived in New York City and London prior to finding the S.F. Bay Area her home.

Resume / CV

Attended :

Wooster School of Fine Art
Ridgebury Road
Danbury, CT

Heatherly School of Fine Arts
75 Lotts Road

London SW10 0RN, United Kingdom

San Francisco Art Institute
800 Chestnut Street,
San Francisco, CA 941

City College San Francisco
Fort Mason Art Center,
2 Marina Blvd,
 San Francisco, CA 94123

Crown Point Press
20 Hawthorne St,
 San Francisco, CA 94105

Fort Mason Artists
350 O’Shaughnessy Blvd
San Francisco, Ca 94127

Exhibited :

Triton Museum of Art
1505 Warburton Ave,
Santa Clara, Ca 95050

Lola’s Gallery
1250 Sanchez St
San Francisco, Ca 94114

Florence Jurth Gallery
Valley Road
 Ridgefield, CT

Ridgefield Guild of Artists
Main Street
Ridgefield, CT

San Francisco Women Artists Gallery
370 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Open Studios
21 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA

Starbucks Cafe
Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA

Pacific Pain Treatment Center
2000 VanNess
San Francisco, CA

Awards & Professional Organizations:

Artist Member of: California Society of Printmakers 

: First Runner-up: Printmaking, Sheridan Prize for Art 2022

Trident Museum of Art, 1505 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara, Ca. 95050, Open 2023